I’ve been going through some of my old work emails and profiles. I found one of my very first Deep Trance Hypnosis mp3s. I even shock myself with how deeply I seem to get into the trancing. You can hear the seduction and wantonness oozing from me. That’s not me just spewing words for marketing purposes… I can hear the genuine love for the hypnosis in my voice.


There’s something about melting your mind.. There’s something about the guided masturbation and the orgasm control. There’s something about how spectacular it can feel to have your power snatched away from you.

This MP3 is the complete package of tease and denial… orgasm control… and orgasm countdown. If you’ve been addicted to my process of counting down before… You will be addicted to this.  And what’s better? I’m discounting it for $7. Never will you get my MP3s for this cheap.




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