Mind Control

Hey there loserfucks and submissive freaks! I’m Lexie Grant. I’ve been an online domina for nearly 8 years. I’ve been draining bank accounts and mystifying minds since I was legal enough to ruin a man.

People ask if I’m in the lifestyle.. do I enjoy BDSM? My honest answer? For my real sex life.. I enjoy a real man who can grab me, fuck me, please me…. For my fetish work? I enjoy being perfect at your fetish. I enjoy taking whatever your fetish is at that given time… and exploiting it to its full potential. I ADORE you getting so fucking hooked and addicted on me.

I’m not going to do blogs that are filled with lots of BUAHAHAHAHA and misspellings and the word piggie over and over again.

I enjoy fetishes that take a bit of thought to flesh out. I enjoy ALL Fetishes that involve mind control and mind games.

If you’re into sissy phone sex, then I enjoy using mind fuckery to get you exploited.

If you’re a cuckold, I enjoy the game of spinning your cuckold and creampie loving fetish.

If you’re into blackmail fantasy, I enjoy painting the picture so deeply of your world being fucked up.

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