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Brainwashing Fantasy

A mind control fantasy is unique to each pet and slave. Every slave that I play with has different triggers for what their mind control games are. They have different expectations… wants… desires.

They want me in their ear. They want me cooing and whispering. They want me pushing them to the next level.

You have a hypnosis fetish, right? You lay in bed thinking of a woman taking over your body, your mind? You lay in bed wondering what could be next, right?

Want a few suggestions for the first mp3s to start with?

Deep Induction Hypnosis :

Seductive Deep Trance Hypnosis

Pussy Power Deep Trance Hypnosis

Deep Trance Cum Countdown

These MP3s will start you down some decadent place. These mp3s will get you wrapped up and into me.

If You’ve never tried Niteflirt before then this is the perfect time to try them. Basically they are a clearinghouse that allows hypnotic dommes such as myself to really push your limits and brainwashing. I am capable of putting your brain where I want it… and exploiting your thoughts.

SKYPE: TheSororityGirl

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