I always like when the mind control fantasies take on a villainess sort of twist. I like there to be the excessively NERDY fantasy side to them. It allows me to embellish and paint GORGEOUS pictures of my methods of mind fucking you. Truly. I adore it. There’s not much better. And thus I present you with my sexy thief MP3…. I fuck over the cop with my womanly wiles.


The last two weeks have also been a whirlwind with a new pet clicking and paying. He and I are looking at 3-4k in nearly two weeks… and he just realizes that he is the worthless loser fuck that needs to be raped just like this. He has no other reason for being part of my world other than to pay and fall prey to the brainwashing. He’s a cuck. He’s a body worshipper. He’s everything.. but most of all he just understands his placement under Goddess’s feet. I adore this……  I don’t think he’s NOT clicked once yet…

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