SissyMichelle04 is a client that I met when I worked for my company…. I then found him on niteflirt.

He enjoys the sissification, being forced into decisions, trapped, slight blackmail… and being a “superstar cocksucker.”

His fantasy is to just be inundated with cock after cock.


But recently I got a $140 tribute out of nowhere……. and he has refused it. This has triggered me to lose THOUSANDS just before my trip.

He’s very sociopathic.. has moodswings when he drinks…

With some girls he will spend 3-4k…. sometimes 10k in a month. If you’re one of those girls.. GOOD LUCK and good job.

I hope everyone rapes him until he finally has the one mental break down that leads to having nothing left.

He’ really is a miserable human being. He’s GREAT money¬† when he’s sane.. But his sanity days have became fewer and fewer.

I’m sure¬† one of these profiles is him:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=8d863c7e181beed6&q=%22Mikael+Johnasson%22+sweden … Enjoy.


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