I have two Sissies.

I have my pretty, skinny Vanessa who is a lifelong sissy. She is devoted to the fetish, exploitation, transformation, and the lifestyle. She has quite the lingerie collection: from slutty to demure. She’s seen pro-dommes all over the world. She KNOWS the fetish. She LIVES the fetish. She is so deeply consumed in the lifestyle.. that calling her a TV at times could be appropriate.

Vanessa likes the idea of being someone’s “girl”.. Of having that one cock that wants to use her… Of being the perfect sissy slut and serving a purpose…..

When I have Vanessa excited.. and she’s thinking of playing with her clitty.. and being sensual…. and being used…. She  gets the most turned on by the idea of having her little nipples caressed… or the back of her head being cradled even as she’s “skull fucked”…. or one of the boys at the GloryHole completely whoring her out.

She IS my perfect slut. She takes her transformation seriously.

And she understands her Princess’ greed. She takes care of her princess perfectly. As a matter of fact, $500 is coming to me when she’s finished reading this.. so I can be sure to get all new running equipment 😉

And for good measure.. below is a collection of photos of my sweet slut Vanessa.



110113-194450 cropped

Her level of submission and experience… I just adore exploiting it.. pushing it.. promoting it… A princess like myself who plays the games I play….. There’s nothing better. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING….  Look how PINK those nipples are? If all the people in her world only KNEW what a slut she was……….



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