With a busy schedule, my updates on Mind Control Fantasy haven’t been as frequent as I would like. Between having 5 or so fulltime hypnotic slaves and a fulltime classload, I’ve had time only for being a student or being a hypnotic Goddess with my custom recordings. My erotic hypnosis mp3 collection has finally topped 100, probably. I’ve been a busy girl.

My newest recording can be purchased below. It’s “Empty and Blank”.. It’s 5+ minutes of erotic inductions, chants, and getting into your mind.


Within the class side of things, I’ve been studying the power and process of persuasion. All hypnosis can be considered a form of persuasion in one way or another. It’s a process of getting your mind prepared and ready to be conditioned, most usually, for pleasure of some sort. Persuasion is used in marketing, movies, daily life.. everywhere… It’s ONLY with your Goddess Lexie that you begin to live and realize persuasion as being something more….. Something a bit more erotic… Something a bit more sinister (at times)…..

When a man has a submissive inclination inside of him… He needs an experienced princess to make things happen. He needs someone capable of enrapturing his mind, body, and spirit. This is where I come along. This is WHY I am the amazing princess that I am.

In the coming days, I will be discussing the inner workings of persuasion.. the art of hypnosis.. and why it is that so many of you pets DO find yourself getting addicted.

Be sure to email me at TheSororityGirl @ Yahoo . com or add me on Yahoo at TheSororityGirl to get one on one with me :):):) And if you can’t reach me, be sure to call one of my girls 🙂

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