My little sissy Michelle doesn’t realize the info that I have on her… She doesn’t realize how much sluttyness and blackmail material I have on her. She doesn’t realize the LEVELS of what I can do to her slutty little life….

When she first came to me…. all she wanted was to be a pornstar, blowjob SLUT.

Then she introduced me to a few ex girlfriends….

And she introduced me to her whorebot side…..

I know where she works.

I KNOW her real name…

and I know what outfits I’m putting HER IN…

Lip injections and Sissy Maid Outfits with Padlocks..



This is a perfect outfit for her.. But the high heels need to be the ballerina length..

and well.. if she’s not a good girl.. and doesn’t start paying and finding COCKS to blow to pay.. I’m going to start slowly releasing information.. our phone calls.. and other elements…


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