This week has been a whirlwind to say the least. My brainwashed slave, Mark, from up north purchased me WVU/UT tickets for this Saturday. Princess is BEYOND excited. Princess is BEYOND thrilled. Mark is one of my FEW hypnosis fetish pets that doesn’t have a sub-fetish. He truly just enjoys the art of being taken under. He very much appreciates the games that I play with him… and he has shown Goddess so by purchasing the tickets for Saturday.  His obedience will be rewarded.

Another GREAT thing that has happened to Goddess.. is that I was featured in an article on Alt Variety. You can click here to read the article. It’s a piece on all the different aspects of hypnosis… and how it can be used sexually. I’m very honored to have been written up for this piece. I also use my REAL picture.. and some REAL stories for the interview… so for those of you who think I’m Lena Nicole.. Oopsies.. I’m sorry 😉 ….

I’m also working with my cuckold tonight.. Johnny…  Johnny’s wifey seems to be getting a little upset with him… She’s enjoying making him a black cock cuckold. She’s enjoying the idea of having her cock and  Johnny eating it too. Johnny has even went so far to beg me to fuck him with a strapon… He’s progressing so beautifully.. isn’t he? If you don’t know much about Johnny.. Click his cuckold fantasy stuff from earlier. He LOVES his cuckold training.


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