Today was an interesting day. I have quite a few friends who were evacuated at University of Texas… so while I wanted to be focusing on homework, my pets, and making MP3s… I was distracted with texts from friends telling me what was going on in Austin, TX. It’s tough being a hypnodomme who also has a life 😉

That’s another topic I wanted to touch upon. There are many different online dominas out there. Older/Younger. Skinny/Fat. Fake/Real. Cam/Text. Everything. There’s a bevy of options… with me? You get a genuine coed who delights in the mind control. With me? You get a genuine coed who delights in the erotic hypnosis. I have a life. This week, I had a sissy who seemed upset that I couldn’t blow off my grad school classes or YOGA to play for two days. I  blew off class on Wednesday to exploit him in a hotel room, but Thursday, I had to focus upon school and my body. He didn’t seem too happy about that.


Tonight? Tonight I’ve made a 5 minute Hypnotic TEASE MP3…. and am supplementing it with two stockings photos.  It’s $10.. but it will also further that addiction you have.. It will also make you want me more. It will also show you how you adore having a humiliation princess such as myself.


Hypnotic Tease


If you happen to like this MP3.. I suggest going to my MP3 list and downloading BOUND. It’s one of my hottest Erotic Hypnosis MP3s.

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