The truth is.. I’ve not felt like blogging or anything of that nature for quite some time. I have quite a few sluts and pets that I can play with who come crawling without keeping my internet presence all that intense… however… I have decided that it is time to start showing off and telling stories about my submissive loser fucks who come crawling.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Johnny is a cuckold loving submissive pet who dropped a few hints about his family. He gave me his sister in law’s IM name… wifey’s IM name…and a few texting numbers.. and the little cuckold had zero idea that a phone sex princess such as myself would start to capitalize on this. I mean, uh, HELLO!!??!! Information that could lead to amazing amounts of blackmail?

And here’s the thing.. The little cuckold fuck daydreams about eating creampies out of his wife’s pussy… I tell his wife this… and he’s now getting to eat huge creampies out of his wife’s pussy….There’s an issue here? Why is he whining now???

Could it be the $1500 I’ve taken from him in blackmail to not reveal any more secrets to his wifey? Hmm? Any of that?

I’ll be chatting on Yahoo for the evening..

Yahoo: TheSororityGirl

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