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Hi guys! I’ve not updated in a while since doing the big list of my mp3s that’s located beneath this. I spent yesterday in Austin… so I didn’t play with many of my pets, but today I decided was going to be devoted to hypnosis and mind control. I did a new DEEP TRANCE HYPNOSIS Mp3. It’s beautiful. One of my better concoctions. It also has a CUm Countdown aspect to it….


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Erotic Hypnosis MP3ย 

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Love Spell 2 is the sequel to LoveSpell 1. It is one of my FAVORITE MP3s… There’s guided masturbation with a release at the end. If your fetish is to feel completely brainwashed and entranced then you need this. You need to hear Goddess’s voice. You need to hear Goddess’s words. If you want this erotic hypnosis mp3.. Then click.

Life lately has been interesting. I’ve had quite a few sissies who are regulars, daily, playing and getting their minds washed over by me. It’s been quite interesting to manipulate their minds and guide their transformations… however, I have to admit that I miss my cuckolds.. I need a whole new list of cuckolds I think.



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Todays SPECIAL : Buy ONEย  Custom ADDICTION Inducing Mind Control MP3 for $50.. and get ANY Stock MP3 for free.

Custom MP3s are anywhere from 5-10 minutes long.. can follow your script or outline… and be delivered to you within 24 hours.

custom mp3

If you have any questions … You can always email or hit me up on yahoo at TheSororityGirl …. All purchases are made thru niteflirt, but I will take Amazon Gift Cards as well….

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custom mp3

I’m making custom mp3s this weekend.. $50 gets you a 5-10 minute mp3.. your fetish.. your script (or I can write it)…. and completely customized for YOU and only YOU….. you want to hear my evil voice commanding you? Ordering you? Then purchase here.

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Pure perfection!

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So are you someone who the idea of nylons just drives crazy? ME TOO! Legit. Real life. Not just as an online domme.. I ADORE nylons. Body stockings. Fishnets. EVERYTHING. This blonde college coed LEGIT owns all sorts of different filthy concoctions of stockings. They just feel so perfect on the body. It’s a weakness of mine?

So what have I did? I’ve created a brainwashing mp3 around stockings.

Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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It’s been about a week since my last sexy MP3….. and I’m sure all my loserfucks are waiting with baited breath to hear Goddess…

Well I’ve got a treat for you..

This week.. We have JERK OFF JUNKIE #3.. Yes yes.. You’ve been waiting.. you’ve been wanting.. You’ve been weak.. And here it is….

One of the bestย  series of mind control mp3s.


Crawl for me.

mind control mp3


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Tease And Denial

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Mind control and erotic hypnosis can lend well to many fetishes… But one of the most seductive fetishes, to me, is the art of tease and denial. You paint a picture. You get a submissive so worked up that their body is pulsing in every inch. Then you start to hint at the idea of blue balling them. Then you start to hint at the idea of not letting them release. Then you start to hint hint hint at so manyย  dirty little ideas and secrets. There’s nothing better. NOTHING.

The longest tease and denial call I’ve ever did was 4.5 hours. I literally had the client in tears. Legit. No LIE. That’s a fucking rush. TO be that powerful and adore being that powerful.ย  He kept saying, “Goddess, I really need to go… but your cruelty has me chained..” Chained? I like the sound of that.

And on a personal note… I’m going thru a remodel right now. So life is HECTIC. That’s why I’m cranking out the smaller MP3s. So enjoy the little mp3 about tease and denial… Hit me up on Yahoo: TheSororityGirl .. Or give me a call:
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