Basic Induction Hypnosis – 22 minute relaxation induction which will serve as a good introduction to my voice and style.

Deep Trance Induction Hypnosis – 15+ minutes of my words enveloping you, melting you.

Bound – 20+ minute recording of binding you in MY stockings so that you are easier prey for Me.

Sorority Succubus – 13 minute fantasy recording of succumbing to the designs of Your sorority brat and My bedeviled friends.

Ass Annihilation – 10 minutes of Ass Annihilation, and it isn’t My perfect ass taking the pounding. Guess its going to be YOU.

Jerk Off Junkie – 7 minutes of pure humiliation about jerking off to your addiction of me.

Jerk Off Junkie 2 – 7 more minutes of me showing you your addiction and you jerking like the good little mindless stroke pet you are.

Jerk Off Junkie 3 – 14 minutes of me entrancing you and guiding you to where your addiction has brought you.

Love Spell 1 – 13 minutes of me teasing you and bringing you closer in to adore Me.

Love Spell 2 – 10 more minutes of me teasing you and conditioning your mind to love Me and obey Me.

Cum For Me – 10 minutes of Me controlling your mind and teasing you.

Perfectly Addicted – 13 minute recording defining your addiction and enhancing it.

Attitude Inoculation – 10 mintue brainwashing session to fine tune your purpose for Me.

Tranny Trick 1 -Ever been so transfixed by a woman that you didn’t care what surprises popped up? Welcome to tranny tricked. Hypnosis with a twist.

Tranny Trick 2 – Much beloved sequel to My Tranny Trick recording. There is a 10 minute romp with a surprise tranny party!

Creampie Cuckold Hypnosis – 10 minutes for my lucky little cucks who know that their pleasure is secondary to Mine.

Guided Masturbation 1 – 5 minutes of Me completely controlling that cock of yours.

Guided Masturbation 2 – 5 minutes of my voice guiding you to where you want to go and further under my power.

Empty and Blank 1 – 12+ minutes of deep trance to take you deeper down for Me.

Empty and Blank 2 – 7 minutes of chanting and brainwashing you Empty and Blank for Me.

Lady Luck – 7 minute gambling-inspired recording. Do you think you can win against the “house”? Or will you be drained empty?

Pink Princess Powder – 7 addictive minutes of me giving you your fix for your Princess to make sure you will be back for more.

Dangling You – 8 minutes of me brainwashing you and holding you on edge.

Brainwashing -10 minutes of intense brainwashing and mind control.

Brainwashing and Pics – 5 minutes of teasing and playing with you. Includes pics of gorgeous legs encased in silky stockings. Perfect.

Cuckold Training – Do I have to spell this one out for you? Be prepared to be drained, trained and on your knees for Me as I show you your place in life in this 10 minute conditioning module.

Glamorous Little Cuckoldress – 6 minutes of your Perfect Goddess teasing you and reminding you of your place in My world.

Sissy Hypnosis – you and I both already know what you are, sissy. And in this 20 minutes of hypnotic sissy training you will better learn your place.

Sissy Costume Party -You know you want to come to this costume party, sissy. Let’s get you dressed up to play the part you know you want…to be MY sissy. (11 minutes)

Panty Tease – 8 minutes of ME Taking you to the store to try on Panties with meeeeee.. and a surprise for you

Sissy Fembot 1 – Just let Me make a few adjustments to your programming…tweak a few things on your new chassis. VoilĂ !! Now you are one of My prissy little sissy fembots programmed to obey in this 10 minute brainwashing recording.

Sissy Fembot 2 – 8 minutes of Me refining My sissy Fembot protocols previously placed in You. You will not be able to delete this from hard drive.

Sissy Fembot Cum Countdown – 11 minutes of Fembot bliss as we initiate your Bitch clit program. Sequence engaged,

Slutty Sissy Strapon Surprise – 11 minute shopping trip to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you aren’t a man. And if you thought you were Bitchified before, wait for what I have in store for your little bitch ass.

Little Sissy Maid – It would be easier for Me to explain this 9 minute instructional, brainwashing module if you already had your sissy maid uniform on, ready for inspection, yes?

TWO MP3s Cheerleader Sissy Training – Here!!! Pick up your pom poms as Princess prances you about for your cheerleading training as a sissy bimbo slut for a combined running time of 28+ minutes. Gimme a B-I-M-B-O!!!

Strapon Training – Get that tight little pucker ready for your Princess as she demonstrates who it belongs to in this 5+ minute recording.

Gloryhole Slut – You better be ready to make Goddess happy if she is going to be nice enough to take you to the Gloryhole in this 8 minute forced bi-slut recording.

Black Cock Cuckold Training – 11 minutes of ME illustrating your world as you are toyed with, intimidated and humiliated as a cuckold to a Black cock.

Sissy Bitch Humiliation – 10 minutes of me punking your bitch ass and inspiring you to be all the little sissy bitch you can be!

Cash Rape – 4 minutes of Me explaining why I don’t stop at fucking with your mind…

Strapon Humiliation Cuckolding MP3 (The Realtor) – 13 minute fantasy recording where I’m a hot realtor showing a house to you and your SMALL DICK… when I seduce you.. and break out the strapon.. Throw in some cuckolding humiliation at the end…

Cocksucker Training $5 – Apparently YOU need me to describe this short and sweet recording (4 minutes). YOU are going to become a COCKSUCKER and I’m going to TRAIN you.

Blackmail Love – 5 minute short recording explaining why I LOVE blackmailing you and brainwashing you.

Small Dick Humiliation – Got a small dick? Well let me give it a good little laugh so little dicked losers like you remember your place.

Smothering and Edge Play – Short edge play of me smothering you. (2 minutes)

Black Cock Worship – In this short recording, I explain my HUGE LOVE of BLACK COCK! (2 minutes)

Introduction TO Wallet Rape -Here piggie, piggie…. Your elite princess wants you to see your future in this short introductory recording (2 minutes)

Custom Cuckold Recording For Johnny -Johnny was fantasizing about his wifey sucking cock at a concert.. then getting gangbanged… Listen (6 minutes).

Three Minute Tease : Giggles and Torture -Don’t you adore how deeply I tease you? There’s something about a woman who goes crazy for breaking you..(3 minutes)

Hypnotic Tease and Black Stockings -5 minute hypnotic tease to make you go deeper for me…

Anal Creampie Cuckold -6 minutes of Cuckold humilation with anal creampie. Perfection.

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